Monday, November 23, 2009

Boredom of a poet

I once measured the sea with a ruler...and counted the sand with a weight scale...

I once captured smoke and grabbed it with my bare hands....

I once imagine i was Jesus
I imagine i could heal-I saw my life wrote in a book
And my death celebrated for years...

I once told myself I was an astronaunt, an astrologer, a magi...
I found stars, wrote poems, and created galaxies of notebooks in the sky...
And then I woke up
and realized it was all boredom of my imagination
Things that are thought up
When the poem takes it's time 2 come to you....

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Conciously denied
Conciously confused
Decipher thoughts
Left their emotions misunderstood

Man and woman



spoken too softly
Spoken with anger
Emotions closed doors
Fist broke hearts endangered

The woman

Her tears...

Damped up confusion
Wetten her blacken eyes
Now thoughts are vividly clearer now
Picture's bloody perfect

Now that... love has been defeated
But Equated too...

Her saddness 

Convincing Her mental
That.. Abuse 
was the purpose of love...

If only

If only

If only stars could talk
Think...scientific poetry
Add...Astrological thoughts
And I could rule the galaxy

I would Elimiate
And...Max out oxymorons
Sore losers would be station on Earth....while
Winners are station on the moon

If only metaphors didn't exist
i could give u the milky ways
Show u how to love in our horoscopes
And persuade u with the love in our synastry

But if only
My zodiac wasn't so true
A cancer shell....So protective of me
That I can't get next too you
I prolly could tell u how I felt
I prolly would ask u to ride in
My space ship.....

The Plane ticket

Freedom expressed so vividly
Open my mind
Locked violence
Close my eyes
See essence

Precious flowers
Sprout beautiful Intellect
Upright connect 

Sun moon & stars
I make love to
Galaxies seas and moons
I drown my ignorance in
I come up baptized in happiness
joy peace and Love...

Freedom expressed
So vividly
Controlled emotions
I let go again

Zodiacs tell my dreams
Stars mimic them in a play
Singing planets
Dancing Jupiter
Lovely Venus
And Moody Mars
Gr8 characteristics they portray... This lovely life of mine  

Friday, November 20, 2009

FLYS don't live in SPACE....

Flys don't live in space
Flys CANT live in space
Shit doesn't exist here
No manure or maneuvers
Just movement of movements

Stars hold wishes
God's hand pick planets
Hold angel meetings and miracles
No 34th streets
Just comets @ Godspeed
No time for lies or metaphors
No doors to throw them out of 
No waste to take up space
No time goes unconsumed
...just bright lights 
And answered wishes

Dreams come true 
And fall with stars
Angels dance with moons
Energy goes towards the SUN
Positivity is created here
Love was invented there

If Flys lived in Space....Shit would exist
And the Abyss would rule the galaxies... 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

STARS... don't hold wishes

The STARS don't hold wishes
humans don't acknowledge wisdom
and Albert Einstein wasn't a genius
just a brilliant man who ignored his life
to figure out ours...
And metaphysical beings...E=Mc square

A poet isn't a writer
and a story isn't a poem
Maya Angelou isn't a genius
just a brilliant woman who spiritually
captured the world's essence in between the margins of her heart
and POETRY...

A tree isn't grass
and grass isn't the roots of the trees
a landscaper isn't a gardener
just a brilliant plant lover who dedicated his life
to removing the weeds from our lawns

STARS don't hold wishes
and they don't fall from the sky
God isn't the creator
just a brilliant being who's spiritually
created by mystery
gave his only son
so that I can write you this poem
SUN MOON July 19 the day I was born
who used her faith to write wishes upon STARS...

Monday, November 16, 2009


Decipher my life
take away my freedom
add chains to my brain
hate my black skin

Remove woman from title
call me bitch
put me out in a field
decorate my body with whips

take away his penis
give him a vagina
with broken womb
a dysfunctional Fallopian tube
watch his seeds conceived brainless

kill our spirit
call us nigger
trap smoke with your bare hands
steal our land... Abolish our pride
rape our concious
be-head our God

this is the story of my ancestors
this is the story of Africa....

Space Soap Opera

Neutrons and molecules
space travelers and light years
God speed thru galaxies
spiritual entity's are aliens
Alienated from Earth
appreciated by time

Floatation devices
Satellites and bright stars
Stadiums and superstars
Supernovas are competitive
comets are indestructible

Mercury rotates around Mars
Pluto fights 8 planets in court
shooting stars rival
Gang planets combust and combine

Sun and Moon make luv
Sun and Moon create Cancer
Constellations gossip thru space
Milky ways are created...

These are the tales of an astronaut***

Element of Freedom

I contemplated
on being rejected from life
I actually bet and won
Transcendentalist I say
A Transcendentalist I become...

I never stood up without a fight
I found the element of my freedom
I found my ticket to heaven

No spaceships no astronauts
just astral projection
into space
I write my constellation on God's galaxy
I took God's hand
and wrote my Pslams
I took God's writings
And lived my horoscope

A Cancerian Poet
Born to Earth
conceived by the Moon
Father by a Gemini Sun
A spirit of God's image

I shine thru hemispheres
Supernova my history
I Define gravity..
I write my commandments in stone
I found my Element of Freedom..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Galaxy Ride

Galaxy Ride

A combination of love
stars bright and comet skys
where our astro signs love and hide
ooh wee i love the galaxy rise

galaxy ride, galaxy ride
over the moon spirits dream
earth captures water and creates seas
I love the galaxy rise
the universe becomes our playground
off the rings of Jupiter when we rise
i love the constellation reflection in
your eyes, galaxy ride, galaxy ride

galaxy rides
no planes or jets
no astrological suits or sweats
just astrological signs and myths
as i take your hips and fly
between the milky way will go
write our names among the constellations
lets ride, this ride
galaxy ride, galaxy rise