Thursday, July 15, 2010


Astrological Stanzas....

Galactic hearts create the pulling of colliding gases that burst brightly... LOVE?! Is the formation of Stars when kissed?! Galaxies upon Galaxies that are created out of Supernova feelings.. Emotional thoughts... Supernova expressions as I write our Psalms ... Upon Psalms.. Heaven smiles .. Moon retrograded around the Sun.. In once remembrance 
 of what it was to crush on one another before they became Light years away... For HE is the SUN & I am the MOON.. 

In a pre-Supernova state my nebula is felt 1,000's of light years away-in the Center of the Earth/I mediate on God's word as the Holy Spirit forms a cosmic cloud around my heart/ my mind-my actions-my Acts-My Psalms form a galaxy upon it's own-in order to see this phenomenon one must look through the telescope of God- #spaceshipnotebook2010

My "Aurora Australis" soul of southern lights-shifts within Earths heart.. Luminous bands and wild dreams of stars and orchestras of misplaced emotions-and mis-guided imaginations take place with in my soul. To far transcended without God's hand-I'm offended by the outrage of my behavior. I pray God causes a magnetosphere of greenish glow around my soul and never let go.



On a nebula
The dust particles scatter
Electric glow
Time spaces over matter
Spontaneous combustion
Awakens my Science of sleep
Is this a dream? Or did reality take me?

Blue green makes yellow
And dandelions do it justice
Cloud clusters Hoover above me
Reminding me of one another

I'm searching for ur soul
Thru light years and orion's belt..
Spaceship shakes the Milky Way 
Please come back to me I have no one else left....



Small g, no God nor do I pretend to be
But I can create a world within these imaginations and margins..
Imagine the sky all different colors
And the rainbow representing many lovers

Imagine insects.. No longer ugly creatures-But hearts with butterfly wings..
Imagine Hearts walking along the streets And sitting amongst nebulas
Singing GOD's theme music
Imagine the stars as ur best friends
And wishes become past tense
Just imagine...
Just imagine..

Imagine playing on Saturn rings
Or buying them for the misses
Imagine Seeing Pluto
Up close and playing on his dimensions 

Imagine Venus and the Moon in their spiritual forms
Imagine the Sun in his too..

Can u see the space and all the love it creates? Can u see my heart and its anticipation and all it contains??

Just imagine 
just imagine  
Don't worry on my spaceship I'll wait =]  

Monday, July 12, 2010

Time Warp...

Time Warp

As the Earth rotated
The stars left visible trails of your presence..neglected I felt
That I had rejected
The Essence of ur present..
Love is so unexpected
My courage lacked
The reason to openly
Accept it...
I swallowed my courage
Ate pride for dinner
My mind became a winner
My soul the loser...
Now I sit here patiently..
The loser..
So skeptic..
That I neglected.. So cowardly..
So foolishly.. 
To tell you..