Thursday, July 15, 2010


Astrological Stanzas....

Galactic hearts create the pulling of colliding gases that burst brightly... LOVE?! Is the formation of Stars when kissed?! Galaxies upon Galaxies that are created out of Supernova feelings.. Emotional thoughts... Supernova expressions as I write our Psalms ... Upon Psalms.. Heaven smiles .. Moon retrograded around the Sun.. In once remembrance 
 of what it was to crush on one another before they became Light years away... For HE is the SUN & I am the MOON.. 

In a pre-Supernova state my nebula is felt 1,000's of light years away-in the Center of the Earth/I mediate on God's word as the Holy Spirit forms a cosmic cloud around my heart/ my mind-my actions-my Acts-My Psalms form a galaxy upon it's own-in order to see this phenomenon one must look through the telescope of God- #spaceshipnotebook2010

My "Aurora Australis" soul of southern lights-shifts within Earths heart.. Luminous bands and wild dreams of stars and orchestras of misplaced emotions-and mis-guided imaginations take place with in my soul. To far transcended without God's hand-I'm offended by the outrage of my behavior. I pray God causes a magnetosphere of greenish glow around my soul and never let go.

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